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almost last entry? Jan. 10th, 2005 @ 09:30 am
well, clearly i'm not in japan anymore
before i stop posting in here for good
(although i might like try to post japanese entries if i feel like it)
ill do a recap and post links to pictures and stuff once i put them online
it might be a while though!!
Mood: satisfiedon american soil again

Dec. 19th, 2004 @ 03:33 am

i miss my little baby!
i'll see her on monday!
Mood: cheerfulcheerful

Dec. 18th, 2004 @ 07:46 pm
ho ho ho
well the semester is over
my linguistics 2 final was supposed to be a joke. and when the 4th problem was really hard and almost no one got it, he asked "Who thought they got it right?" and when no one raised their hand, the prof said "ok, dont worry about, i wont count it." UM... that was 25% of the exam you're not counting! he was an awesome prof. definitely the most laid back i've ever had though!
i wrote my japanese writing 3 final paper on people who meet online in japan and kill themselves together. from jan 02 to jun 03, 45 people did, but during october and november of this year, another like 19 or so did it, and we had to write about a social problem, so thats what i wrote about. if you'd like to read it, i'll post it online later. im proud, even though its super short. for the sake of him correcting quickly, we werent allowed to make it over 600 character. i think mine was almost 500. anyway
the japanese linguistics 1 take home final went well too. me and kim brainstormed a lot together, and i think we both did pretty well on it
and then japanese. well. maybe i didnt do so wonderfully on the japanese exam, but i did spend time studying. the speed reading part.. oops, i got distracted and didnt realize time was up so my answers were a little rushed. i studied the wrong kanji, so that hurt me a little. overall, i really did try hard, but as with the entire tone of the semester, im sure i could have worked harder.
and, ahem, intermediate translation.
due to the stupidity of kim who convinced me the final was at 3:25 (when our classes normally starts on friday) instead of 13:00, which i thought i wrote... i was like 45 minutes late to the exam. i kept having a hunch kim was wrong, so at like 1:30 i went over to the cjs office and sure engouh, the exam had started at 13:00 so i hauled my ass over to f building and was almost crying and explained to her that i thought i was wrong that i thought maybe i was confused about 13:00 and maybe it was around 3 like kim said. luckily, she was totally cool with it and let me take the test. she always told me to get in touch with kim, who responded to my email of "KIM THE EXAM STARTED AT ONE" with the reply of "har har, very funny". i then had to explain to her that he thought i was kidding and then i tried to call him but he didnt pick up so i called adrienne who finally got in touch with him and eventually kim came to take it too. im glad machida-sensei is so cool and sweet or id be really screwed having been so late to the final. quite a crazy end to a crazy semester
as far as grades go, who the fuck knows
although i had like a 92 in japanese midsemester, maybe i went down, maybe i went up. im not really sure.
and the other classes.. who knows. probably good grades in all of them, since i did well, but not sure if its A's or what
at this point, i can genuinely say im satisfied with the semester
i learned a lot
learned a lot of japanese
learned a lot about myself
learned a lot about the world in general

this really was an incredible experience and i hope i never forget all the good times and bad times ive had here


友達が大好きだよ! アメリカに帰るので非常に悲しくなった。
私のことを忘れないで! それに、来年の夏休みにスウェデンで一緒に遊びましょう!
no matter what happens, i'll never forget you two
because of you, my experience this semester was great
i dont know what i would have done without two great friends like you
i think i'll cry if i write anymore, so i'll stop here
we still have a couple more days together
i'll always treasure the great tims we had. really really really.
i love you guys!

before i start bawling my eyes out
i'll go pack

Dec. 6th, 2004 @ 02:29 am
so today
i got up late
me and kim and adrienne were planning a trip somewhere but we didnt end up going
instead we went to some shrine really close to here, honestly i dont know the name of it. it was at jingu nishi. anyway, there was a cute family there: a mom and dad and daughter, and the mom and daughter were wearing kiminos and it was cute. i took a picture
we wandered around for a bit
bought friendship swans.. and me and adrienne put them on our purses.. kim didnt put it on his "murse" but we're sure itll happen soon
then we are a little place around the corner from the exit and chilled there for a while
on the way out, kim was like "this way to the station" and adrienne is like "there's a subway entrance right behind us ^^;; " and it was actually one stop closer to home so yay
on the way back we stopped at yagoto and i got another two pairs of earrings from jussco. uuuugh but they're so cute, i cant resist

later on i met with my parnet for our presentation tomorrow. im worried its going to suck cause there's so much crap to memorize, but oh well

later later on, me and adrienne hung out for a while reading poems from her poem book. some of them were weird o.o then me and tei watched this movie called 13 steps which i thought was really good up until its super cheesy moment at the end.. in case you plan on watching it, i wont spoil it

now im back here, not ready to sleep and i should be memorizing if im not sleeping but im really blah, so im not doing either

but maybe now i will

Dec. 2nd, 2004 @ 11:26 pm
so oops today i went overboard
i went shopping with adrienne
i got what i wanted for me, but not in the color i oringally planned, but oh well
i also got us another one of what i got her but a little different cause i got carried away
then i bought two pairs of cute earrings, both with cute little hearts on them and dangly, but they are really different
then i also bought ai otsuka's "amaenbo" single with DVD on the way back from irinaka
i couldnt resist o.o
so maybe i spent more money than i intended to today, but oh well
i cant wait to give maria what i got her! i think i might give it to her at the airport even, cause i dont know if i'll be able to wait.
im such a dork.

then me and kim and adrienne ate some ramen and gyoza which was delicious.

and then i bought lots of stuff at valor, and ate some cute coffee bread roll things (?) and drank juice and worked on homework that was due last thursday. i didnt do it cause it just seemed like a pain (im so bad now -_- ) but lucky for me, class was cancelled anyway because my professor had a baby. so anyway, today i finished the really hard writing part and finished writing my essay.. and im so proud, i was able to use my new favorite word (甘えん坊) from the song (it means "spoiled, needy child) in my essay. well, really i used the verd "to act like a spoiled child" (甘える). i was saying that americans act like spoiled children in foreign countries because they expect everything to be in english and expect special treatment. ...i was proud, ok? yay for j-pop teaching me fun and exciting new words

i still have some translation to finish, but i mostly had it done from last week's class

i also have to memorize, well, ALL of my script for tomorrow
i have no real incentive to do it
my professors pissed me off. this was our final draft and we ONLY included stuff they included.. and today they hand it back and want us to change almost everything. well. NO. we're not going to. we only put in stuff you made a big deal about fixing, so we did just that. and now you want it different? sorry no. also, I KNOW THE FUCKING DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE KANJI FOR YOUNGER BROTHER AND HUSBAND. you stupid fucks. read your history books.. cleopatra married two of her YOUNGER BROTHERS. and even when they were married, they were still her brothers. yeah, so sorry retards, there's a reason i used to the kanji for little brother... I MEANT LITTLE BROTHER.
ugh. yeah, and thats just the beginning of the stupid shit they pulled with out final draft. needless to say, they can kiss my ass cause im not changing anything before tomorrow. i really dont care after they tried to claim everything was wrong with our final draft.

must relax
anyway, i better go get that stuff done now

i'm listening to shonen knife right now to relieve my stress

Dec. 2nd, 2004 @ 02:01 am
i swore to myself that id go to bed early tonight
i have an exam tomorrow
and i needed to study
i did study, a little
but mostly just hung out with adrienne
and then adrienne and kim
and then we retarded our way to lawson and back
damn lawson for being so close o.o
i bought delicious breakfast for tomorrow morning before my exam
and had an outside-the-building chat with a fatty buying too much fast food

i spent all the money i had today
tomorrow i have to pay for housing again i think, for the last time and then take out some more money for spending

i am going to buy maria a present tomorrow! i thought of it last night and i hope she'll like it when i get it!!

Christmas List Nov. 30th, 2004 @ 06:24 pm
ok so i wanted to post a christmas list, but really there's nothing material i really want/need right now.

///// CHRISTMAS EDIT: made actual christmas list

yeah, ok i cant thing of anything else.
maybe cute socks that fit? but im planning on buying some myself here, so i dont need that for christmas
i have all the cd's i could possibly want since i went a tad crazy with eBay and just regular CD shopping already (although no where near as crazy as adrienne :P im thrifty compared to that)

i hope my printer isnt retarded when i get back to school. for some reason, it stopped being able to scan. WHY DO I HAVE SUCH PROBLEMS with the printers i get?

anyway, yeah the stuff i WANT right now isnt material things
i have way too much stuff here as it is o.o
maybe ill want a DS game or something? i dunno. since i clearly havent thought much about what i want, im not going to just fish around to see what crap people can get me. maybe i want a straightener even though i dont really need it. eh blah, i dunno

P.S. people in sterling: "Don't forget to tell your IU roomies I'll be there sometime on Dec 4th or 5th to drop off more "Anga stuff". I don't want to surprise them and have them freakout." -my dad

Nov. 28th, 2004 @ 04:45 am
so today was
clean my room
play too much sword of mana
clean a little more
eat ramen with kim and tei
sit around on my computer
watch a weird "scary" movie with tei but it wasnt that scary. it was okay though
then watch this slightly retarded movie like "yin-yang bullshit 2" or something with tei and kim and seriously i had a hard time staying awake.. not because i was tired but the plot was so slow. it had a cool idea, but too slow
then i convinced them to watch robin williams live on broadway
kim had downloaded cause i told him to but he was like "no, its an hour and a half and its two a.m."
me: "ok kim, lets ask ourselves what time you go to bed on weekdays"
kim: "3 or 4"
me: "ok, that settles it. its a weekend, we're watching it"
and then tei said he wasnt going to watch it... but then he ended up coming in anyway
and im happy to say that everyone at least once during it was laughing their ass off
so im glad i told kim to download it and have us watch it
im glad it amused them as much as it amused me and everyone from IU
aww you guys. watching it made me miss bocobo people o.o
like on the golf part i was like "aww emily"
and on the "71 virginians" part i was like "aww adrianne"
even though yeah i sit here and feel sad about leaving, i cant wait to see you all again
its weird that i havent been around all semester. i think thats why partially this feels fake, or not like real school, since its missing all my IU people
another weird thing about here is that the program is only like 150 people. ok at IU, theres a fuckload of people so theres no way you "know everyone" but here, i know or at least know of almost everyone. its almost like high school in a way

i miss my baby sister!!!!!! ;_;
i almost never see her online!

meh well its 4:51 and nick is calling me tomorrow morning so i should at least try to get some sleep!

Nov. 27th, 2004 @ 05:10 am
thanksgiving day was pretty good

thanksgiving night was a drag
and i cried for like an hour alone in kim's room

in the end, what's really worth being upset about
you can't help what other people say or do

in other news, its the selfish people who never get hurt

this week i was really ahead on my work. yay for me.
this morning i woke up at 8:45 and had class at 9, but knew i had class til like 5 so i needed to shower.. but i had a kanji quiz too. so i took like the fastest shower of my life and hurried over the language lab and was on time and think i did pretty good on the kanji quiz
and then writing class was cancelled since the professor's wife had a baby like two days ago. this was great news
then during translation class, i did the translation homework for next week

maybe ill get work done ahead of time this weekend as well

adrienne is away = sadness

tonight me and kim went to play taiko and i realized all the taiko we played to wash away my sorrows last night... DIDNT SAVE. well, annoying, because autosave wasnt on for the default. well now it is, and i even got a 100% today. yesterday we got 3 100%'s altogether, so we're not back to that point but oh well.
seriously sterling girls, you are going to hate taiko no tatsu-jin by the end of the semester at the rate im going to want to play it! :P

tonight me and kim hung out together pretty much the whole time
we got dinner at hikkory, the hamburger place around the corner. we as in the four of us used to go there often until all the gayness around here started. i always get a "chili cheese loco moco" which is like a hamburger with spicy stuff on it, but its not on a bun. it comes with a serving of rice, little potatoes, a weird corn salad thats awesome, and then a gross egg on top that i always give to tei or kim. i will definitely miss that dish when i get back home.
ill also miss bamiyan's spicy tofu beef this. i got it twice this week. two nights in a row, actually.
mmm. food here is great.
ive been eating a lot of string cheese from lawson's lately

i cant believe im leaving
blah sometimes i cant help but say it when i get particularly sad
at least kim is leaving too, so he can relate to the complete craziness that we are really leaving in like 3 weeks.
i really do need to pack
but packing would be admitting that im leaving japan, leaving these people, leaving this fun little dream forever.
its so scary
i feel like ive really been able to grow as a person here. and even more so, grow in my own element.
i found out a lot of stuff about myself here
maybe i didnt take advantage of using the language a lot. but im happy with the relationships i formed. of course, there was really stupid crap that happened that i wish didnt happen. there's stuff happening now that i didnt wish was happening, but i need to not let it bother me and just really enjoy the time i have left. if i leave here with regrets, that would be really awful.

man, i studied this semester.. but not as much as i could have. and didnt sleep nearly as much as i should have. in the end, i probably could have pulled off another 4.0 here, but i guess this semester, people were more important than grades. especially people with a time limit. o.o
even now, its 5:20 am, but im wishing i was hanging out with people. one thing i realized is that im very picky about who i like, but once i decided i like them as a person, i want to spend lots and lots of time with them. i dunno. its like either im really really close to people or dont care at all.

anyway earlier on before i got off topic, tonight me and kim watched supersize me. it was pretty interesting and also kind of gross. also a stupid idea. whatever, it amused me. then we watched some comedian named pablo francisco and it was really funny. eventually he turned on i, robot. but i was falling alseep and i think he was too so then i came up here after getting my laundry (yes, i was doing laundry at 4 am). but now im wide awake again. ill probably end up sleeping forever tomorrow
i need to clean my room!
i also need to stop eating candy. im going to a KUJIRA when i get home. 残念ね?

hmm i think ill stop being on LJ now
Music: Ai Otsuka - Amaenbo // Daisuki Da Yo

Nov. 24th, 2004 @ 03:45 pm
chill chill people
i got my speaking test grade back today

ok last time, i prepared like crazy and was nervous when i took the test
and i got a crappy grade. like a 75

well, my non-caring performane on monday got me a 90
so yay
no need to worry about me. somehow things always work out in the end.

i think this weekend i need to think about packing stuff up to send back
its already the 24th
my time here is getting very small

i got a lot of homework done last night
even homework in advance
this way, i have less to do for tomorrow, and even less to do for friday

ive been reading haruki murakami's "dance dance dance".. the sequel to "a wild sheep's chase". his books are so.. weird. weird but enjoyable. they put me in a very apathetic mood though.

i need to start thinking about what to do when i get back to school.
its unfortunate, but coming here makes me think i dont really want a job that involves japanese. i only study what i need to study.. and thats not the right attitude to have and yet i dont care enough to change that attitude. maybe i need to think about doing something else.
who knows

i just showered
this morning i woke up late and i could either shower and miss a quiz, or not shower and make it to class on time. so against all my cleaniless values, i just went to class nice and dirty.

food really did turn out to be wonderful here
its unfortunate that in a couple weeks, ill never be able to eat some of it again.
last night i got food with tei at this chinese restaurant close by that me and my friends go to a lot and i got the spicy tofu stuff i usually get and was thinking "man, the last time i have this, its going to be sad"
and thats the way things will turn out
up to a point, i will enjoy myself here and then when i realize that im having a whole bunch of "lasts" i think ill quickly get depressed
even knowing itll happen wont make it betternow the countdown to when i leave scares me. a lot.
i cant believe i have less than 4 weeks left here
its like my life is on pause. it cant be on pause forever. but id like to it be on pause a little more.

maybe i should finish getting ready and start doing more work, since even after all of last night, i still have more to do

Nov. 22nd, 2004 @ 11:15 am

i bought the new small sized playstation 2 yesterday
in addition to two games of taiko no tatsu-jin and two drums for it

me, kim, adrienne, and shu played it for most of the night
which is why i just couldnt study for my hanashi-shiken today
which is also why i did so badly on the test then


i need to enjoy my time here right?
isnt taiko no tatsu-jin more important than a speaking test?
well, oops

yes people, i am still alive

Nov. 15th, 2004 @ 08:53 pm
looking at the calendar
i noticed it was 11/15
i have 5 days
til 11/20
and then
a month until i leave
im so scared
if i just dont think about it, i dont get upset
kim was "assigned" his tickets today
he'll leave december 20th, too, but at like 7:00

whatever to anyone who thinks that im just being dramatic
after i had known my friends at IU for one semester, i was this attached as well
oh no
if i never see these people again...

i dont want to think like that

im happy and im sad
im happy that i ended up meeting people that i care so much about
namely adrienne, kim, and tei
but im sad that in about a month, ill never be able to be with them like this again
not ever

i know you people at IU maybe havent thought about it a lot
can you imagine what its going to be like when we graduate
i think we're all going to be pretty destroyed
i cant even imagine how upset ill be
if im upset like this now
leaving IU "forever" will be just be unimaginable

i really do love it here
in an ideal world, id smash nagoya and iu and connecticut into one spot

Nov. 8th, 2004 @ 02:04 am
Yay to Maria for getting into Johnson & Wales Miami!

i'm so proud of you, maria!!
i hope you really enjoy it there
im so glad you are getting to do what you want to do: just like i am!
i love you maria!

QQ Time! Nov. 6th, 2004 @ 01:10 pm
by this point, i assume all of you hardcare fans have already memorized verse one. (and if you didnt, you better do it quick!) so, lets move!

QQ Song: Verse 2

SHOP 99 99 99 SHOP 99 99 99
なんでもかんでも 99 99
忘れないでね 99 99

SHOPPU kyuu - kyuu kyuu - kyuu kyuu kyuu
SHOPPU kyuu - kyuu kyuu - kyuu kyuu kyuu
nan de mo kan de mo
kyuu - kyuu kyuu kyuu
wasurenai de ne
kyuu - kyuu kyuu kyuu
oishii tabemono todoketai
benri na zakka mo todoketai

Nov. 6th, 2004 @ 05:24 am
my schedule for next semester:

EALC-J 302
10:10AM 11:00AM Mon,Wed,Fri
1:25PM 2:15PM Tues,Thurs (Drill)

ENG-L 205
1:25PM 2:15PM Mon,Wed,Fri

LING-L 113
11:15AM 12:05PM Mon,Wed
11:15AM 12:05PM Fri (Discussion)

SPHS-S 111
2:30PM 3:45PM Mon,Wed

SPHS-S 433
11:15AM 12:30PM Tues,Thurs

looks good, if i do say so myself
and on my way to a minor in speech and hearing sciences
that cant hurt!
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